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I just would like to inform you that I have started a new blog.


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I am not sure if I will update this blog any more.

Thank you very much for your kind support so far.

I had a very good time.

Thank you.




Golden Week (GW) in Japan

Hello! It’s been a while since I made my last blog post. I have been busy these days…! 😦

Now in Japan, people are enjoying the Golden Week (GW) !!

What is the Golden Week is…, some of you might know already, it is a series of National Holidays! Normally the period of the Golden Week is April 29th to early May.

Here’s the list of National Holidays;

April 29th – The Emperor’s Birthday

May 3rd – Constitution Memorial Day

May 4th – Citizen’s Holiday

May 5th – Children’s Day

Generally these holidays are combined with Saturday and Sunday, so the total number of the holiday would be around 10 days. Some people working takes paid-leave within this period and makes it a complete long holiday!

During this period, all kinds of playing and sightseeing spots are madly crowded!

So today, I picked the unfamiliar shrine in Kyoto for sightseeing. It is not often introduced in guide books while some of Japanese people know. I myself knew about it recently. However, it is one of the national treasures.

I visited Iwashimizu Hachimangu (石清水八幡宮).




View from the top. This shrine is located at the top of the mountain called Otokoyama.


After sightseeing, I enjoyed vegan lunch near Kyoto Station. I visited the restaurant called ” Veg Out

You can enjoy lunch overlooking the Kamogawa River at the counter seats. It is a very nice and lovely cafe.


I had Obanzai (おばんざい) vegan lunch plate.


Here are the dishes clockwise;

-Tomato with Raisins

-Fried soybean meat

-Pasta with tomato sauce

-Fried tofu with sweet chili sauce

-Potato Salad

-Boiled spinach with sesame sauce

-Boiled pumpkin with curry sauce

-Cake with paprika (Maybe)

-Boiled lentil

-Brown rice

They were so good! And healthy!

I had a very nice day!! 🙂



Hi! I found the Sakura has just bloomed near my grandparent’s house in Kyoto!!

The Sakura season has just come! 🙂 It’s spring!

It is said that the time of Sakura’s blooming this year is a bit earlier compared to previous years. I would like to enjoy the Sakura as much as I can.

As you know, there are a lot of places to see Sakura in Kyoto, so it is difficult for me to decide where to see them.

I’m thinking about seeing Sakura in Osaka instead. I heard the Sakura in Japan Mint in Osaka is also beautiful.

Hmmm, we still have time to think about it. I have to check.


Spring with Strawberry

Hi! It is gradually getting warmer here in Japan. Spring is coming!

Now it’s the season for strawberry♡ They are fresh!

I went to the supermarket today and bought some. And I made strawberry salad!


I put peanuts on top and had cheese flavored non-oil dressing for the salad. It was sweet, sower and tasty.

I had sesame and grain bread with the salad. It was good.


I prepared them for my mom too and she was happy about the lunch. I’m happy too 🙂






Spring has come♡


Today when I walked around, I found plum tree blooming! How cute and pretty flower they are♡ Generally plum trees bloom one-month earlier than Sakura tree.


And I went to the supermarket and got this beer. It is called Kinmugi 金麦 from SUNTORY. They put Sakura design on it! I could not help but bought it. The taste is the same as normal one, it is a little bitter, but light and easy to drink.

I felt the spring is really close to us! It has already come! 🙂



Japanese Breakfast


Good Morning! This is my starting today!

・Miso soup

・Mozuku もずく (a kind of vinegered seaweed) with cucumber and dried shrimp

・Simmered soybean with Kombu 昆布 (kelp)

・Baked egg roll (Tamagoyaki 玉子焼き)

・White rice

・Yogurt with citron jam

Hope you all have a nice day! 🙂


Matcha Latte in Kyoto


The shopping street of Kintetsu Kyoto staition has been renewaled and several new shops has been opened. I tried one of them, Fukujuen 福寿園.

Web site:

Fukujuen is one of the very old and traditional tea house in Kyoto. I tried Matcha latte there to get warm. It is a mixture of thick, deep matcha and milk and tastes very mild. I reccomend you to visit Kyoto flagship store of Fukujuen because you can try matcha sweets and tea ceremony as well.


Homemade Sushi Rolls


Hello! Today, 3rd Februally is the day of Setsubun 節分!

The day means the end of winter or the beginning of spring. On this kind of turning point of the year, it is believed that it is easy for evil spirits to come in. So in order to get rid of these evil spirits, we eat sushi rolls. I cutted the sushi roll in the picture so that you can see the inside easily, but on this day, you must not cut the sushi roll to eat. You have to eat one sushi roll at least not to cut any good bonds in the future. And while eating the sushi roll, you shoud not talk and have to look the year’s good luck direction and make a wish.

Anyway this sushi rolls are homemade of my grandmother. They were very delicious♡ There were various ingredients, such as egg roll, cucumber, crab meat, Daikon pickles, tuna, sausage, fried chiken, herring roe and radish sprouts…!

I really enjoyed them 🙂



Maikohan Cuppuccino


@ Caffe Ciao Presso

Hello! I dropped at a cafe at Kyoto station to get warm today. What I ordered is…. Maikohan cuppuccino! I’ve wanted to try this because this is Kyoto limited. Maikohan literally means Ms. Maiko. Maiko 舞妓 is a girl between the age of 15 and 20 who is in the process of training to become a fully fledged Geiko 芸妓 (the Kyoto word for Geisha 芸者). I had a good breaktime 🙂


Organic lunch & Matcha latte in Kyoto

Today I tried vegetarian food for the first time though organic vegetables and foods are in trend in Japan as well recently.

@ Organic House Salute (Web site:



I ordered 980yen vegetable lunch set. From the upper right to the bottom, thinly sliced and dried strips of Japanese white radish with tomato sauce, cabbage salad with plum (maybe plum, sorry I couldn’t remember all) sause, soup with lentil beans, Okara おから (soy pulp) with leaves of Japanese white radish, cabbage salad with Miso, Okara nugget and brown rice. They were all delicious! And I felt like I became very healthy! 🙂

This restaurant is located near Kyoto station and after lunch, I went to Shijo 四条. After finishing my errands, I had a tea break.


@ Ara’s Cafe

I had strawberry and Matcha latte. It was soo sweet though the latte art looks beautiful. I like Matcha latte with a bit more bitter taste. If I have a chance, I’ll make some posts of Matcha latte from the famous tea house in Kyoto.